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DreamStation Go CPAP Machine Review by Dr. Brandon Peters

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Brandon Peters, MD is board-certified in both neurology and sleep medicine and currently practices at Virginia Mason Medical Center located in Seattle. He is also a clinical faculty affiliate at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He primarily treats sleep apnea and insomnia patients. The majority of his patients use CPAP machines and we wanted his opinion for the DreamStation Go CPAP Machine Review. You can read more about Dr. Peters on his website.

Dr. Brandon Peters

Dr. Peters has reviewed CPAP equipment for us in the past, and we felt that his unbiased expert opinion would help people debating the purchase of a new travel CPAP machine. We asked him to participate in a DreamStation Go CPAP machine review, specifically a review of the new Philips DreamStation Go Auto travel CPAP machine for this reason.

12mm tubing connecting DreamStation Go to DreamWare mask

We began the DreamStation Go CPAP machine review interview by asking him “What is your overall opinion of the auto travel CPAP machine now that you have had it for a few nights?” Dr. Peters said it was the first travel machine he has used and was very impressed with it. He sighted its portability and that the DreamStation Go was full of features we would expect from a standard CPAP from Philips. He felt that the size and weight of the machine (about 1.8 lbs, and 6 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches) makes it very easy to pack for travel – especially for camping or hiking where space is very limited.

DreamStation Go CPAP machine review shows Packing the Dreamstation Go is a breeze becuase of it's size

The DreamStation Go has an integrated overnight battery, which based on our testing will run for about 13 hours on a pressure of 10. It also comes with a convenient USB port and can power a mobile device. This option is particularly attractive for off the grid travelers, providing two nights of sleep without recharging for most CPAP users. The battery is also FAA approved so it is possible to sleep on the plane for those traveling on long flights.

Dr. Peters also mentioned the color touch-screen and its responsiveness. He felt that the touch-screen might even be an upgrade from the standard DreamStation machine.

DreamStation Go with Battery and DreamMapper App

In the past, travel machines have been noisy, but Dr. Peters says that Philips has really improved the noise level of the DreamStation Go, especially the blower, noting that most people would not be bothered by the machine noise. As this is often a concern for people contemplating the purchase of a travel machine, we felt it was an important point.

Dr. Peters discussed many of the innovative features built into this auto CPAP machine such as bluetooth built-in power block and patented micro-tubing that not only takes up less space, but also is very light weight and easy to use. Dr. Peters stated that “many people will find the micro tubing an improvement not just for traveling but also for everyday use”.

Philips is working on a humidifier for the DreamStation Go. Dr. Peters said that though some CPAP users do not even use humidification, it is a comfort feature that many users like and also is nice if its available. In fact, having the battery and humidifier as separate options that can be “bolted on” the standard machine is a perfect combination for people who would like to purchase the unit or its accessories separately.

Perfect Travel CPAP - Take the DreamStation Go Camping

Dr. Peters feels that Philip’s travel technology is moving toward smaller travel machines that can actually become the standard for an at-home machine (that doubles as a travel CPAP) for many people. The machine offers compliance data through a Bluetooth app you can view on your phone. This auto CPAP machine is quiet, easy to use, and portable.

For more information about the DreamStation Go travel machine, we have written extensively on the subject  and offer it for sale on our site.  Additionally Dr. Peters has published an independent review of several travel CPAP machines here.  If you are interested in the features of a DreamStation Go but want a machine built for home use, please check our DreamStation Auto or DreamStation BiPap and DreamStation Pro Standard Machine pages!

DreamStation Go with Battery Backup connected

If you are interested in a comparison of the newest travel CPAP machines you can find our post on that subject here.  As always, if you have questions about CPAP equipment please call or chat with our customer support team!  The following video is the DreamStation Go CPAP Machine Review:

The post DreamStation Go CPAP Machine Review by Dr. Brandon Peters appeared first on The CPAP Shop.