Sleep Disorders And Their Impact on The Labor Market

Sleep Disorders and Their Impact on the Labor Market

Sleep disorders affect 45% of the world population.

The impact on the labor market

Sleep disorders often appear as a group of symptoms that belong to a serious disease, although in many cases people who suffer from it do not receive an adequate diagnosis and treatment. Living with a lack of constant sleep not only affects our quality of life but over time is a decrease in productivity that ultimately results in significant economic losses in the labor market.

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The Role of The Dentist in The Treatment of Sleep Apnea

The Role of the Dentist in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Lack of air, constant tiredness, neuro-psychiatric problems, migraines, cerebro-vascular alterations, frequent headaches, drowsiness, fatigue, high blood pressure, exhaustion, interruption of night rest, heaviness … And all this added to the rumors give rise to the appearance of Sleep Apnea or sleeping sickness. The role of the dentist is becoming increasingly important in the process of detection and treatment of this sleep disorder.

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CPAP Risks – What Alternative Is There?

CPAP Risks – What Alternative Is There?

The CPAP is, thanks to its scientifically proven effectiveness, the most chosen form of treatment for people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. It is a continuous positive pressure machine that the patient should wear at bedtime. The device, which includes a mask with tubes and a ventilator, uses air pressure to keep the throat open during sleep and to facilitate breathing, reducing snoring and apneas.

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