SSRIs And Sleep Apnea

Lexapro is the newest and most successful member of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) group of prescription drugs utilized for their anti-depressant outcomes.

Slumber apnea is a problem characterized by intermittent pauses in respiration pauses all through sleep. The number of this kind of pauses can selection from a couple to hundreds through the period of time of snooze. Rest apnea’s key symptom is loud snoring adopted by a gasping or snorting sound when the man or woman resumes respiration. Slumber adversely influences the good quality of slumber and the particular person is additional vulnerable to tiredness for the duration of the adhering to day.

Melancholy joined to snooze apnea: Studies expose that persons with depression are 500% more most likely to have breathing-similar snooze conditions in contrast with folks who really don’t have despair. Snooze ailments can direct to hypertension, depressive ailments, stroke or cognitive deterioration as nicely as social and experienced conflicts. It is as a result critical to have slumber ailments handled. Nonetheless, it remains a thriller to professional medical science how sleep disorders and despair are joined. It continues to be unclear whether despair results in sleep apnea or vice versa.

Correlation involving Lexapro and snooze apnea: The correlation is appealing. Sleep apnea can give rise to depressive ailments. But, despair alone, or use or abuse of SSRI antidepressants this kind of as Lexapro, can cause aspect-results that include sleeping conditions. Lexapro also leads to pounds obtain in some sufferers, and bodyweight obtain is popular amongst folks with slumber apnea.

Nonetheless, it has been observed that Lexapro is productive in the therapy of rest apnea if the doctor’s prescription and tips is meticulously followed. Self-medication with Lexapro can aggravate sleep apnea.

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